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Enter a world of insanity as you encounter nine tales of murder, mayhem, and madness from authors David Daniel, Stacey Longo, Dale T. Phillips, Vlad V., and Ursula Wong. Here you will find twisted psyches, peculiar people, and demons of the mind and spirit. If you like your stories dark and scary, come take a stroll through this asylum, hearing ominous whispers or the shrieks of the unhinged echoing in your ears. You'll find yourself glancing nervously over your shoulder, or wondering about that odd-looking person at the bus stop . . . or even in the mirror. Come in, enjoy the trip, but step carefully, and watch the shadows, for you may never be the same again.

Paperback: 196 pages

Publisher: Books & Boos Press; 1 edition (October 1, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0692297642

ISBN-13: 978-0692297643


"Longo, Daniel, Phillips, Vlad V., Wong: Behold now the names writ who will cause you sleepless nights. Such as Dante's Inferno, each of Insanity Tales' nine stories draws you steadily deeper into a a ream of darkest horror." -Eric J. Guignard, editor of After Death... and author of Baggage of Eternal Night.

"Subtly disturbing, these off-trail stories poke a stick in the figurative eye of expectation and prod the darker recesses of the human consciousness. Monsters there are in their pages, but do they leave behind web-toed imprints in the sand, or only in the mind? Let the reader be the judge." Pierre Comtois, editor of Fungi, author of The Way the Future Was and Marvel Comics in the 1980s.

"An original anthology, from a host of original writers, not the same recycled themes. A thoroughly enjoyable read. Each story was a new experience." The Dome, Sci-fi Saturday Night.