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Sat. May 10, 2014 - Rocking out at Rock Comic Con, the "nerd rock music festival," with my fellow New England Horror Writers. Stop by our table, it should be blast!

Science Fiction/Thriller

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When Pete and Gary Godfrey stumble upon a skeleton in an ancient burial chamber, their lives are forever altered. They activate a bizarre crystal cube clasped in the skeleton's hand, and once its terrifying power has been awakened, things quickly spiral out of their control. The brothers have put themselves and the entire city of New York in danger, and soon they fall into the crosshairs of an NSA agent driven by a shadowy agenda. The deadly implications of their find could change the course of human history, and they have no choice but to solve the mystery of the cube before it annihilates them all.

The first in a two-part work, The Button is a Science Fiction/Thriller that asks if humanity is far older than we've been led to believe. Was our species more advanced in some distant past? Is there a conspiracy to hide a secret history from the public? Perhaps the answers lie in the Godfrey brother's accidental discovery, but they'd better work fast, because the countdown has begun ...

5 Stars! "A down-to-earth scary science fiction story ... Great characters, pulse-pounding action, and questions of who we are and what else may be out there ..." ~Dale T. Phillips, author of the Zack Taylor mystery series and Shadow of the Wendigo .